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Glyde Lite

Glyde Lite

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The Glyde One has been engineered to meet the demands of the toughest riders on the snow! Installing the TRF Glyde One skid will instantly transform your sled, giving you more confidence in the backcountry with better climbing capability, more predictability and precision in holding a line, and the perfect amount of ski-lift, all while maintaining a butter-smooth feel on the trail.


The TRF Glyde One skid will make your snowmobile handle significantly better on the trail and better in the backcountry.

Flex Arm

Our innovative flex arm provides both confidence and performance, allowing you to perform more maneuvers from a neutral position, and allowing you to stay in a neutral position longer.

Added Agility

Better control of ski pressure and geometry allow for quicker turning with less pushing through corners. The added agility does not impact your ability to transfer to a wheelie or initial ski-lift, keeping that fun factor!

Less Rider Fatigue

The TRF Glyde One skid provides a much smoother ride, both on the trail and in the backcountry. Additionally, it requires less rider input, meaning you can ride longer and feel better the next day! 


Built in the USA, the TRF Glyde One skid is engineered for durability. Designed and proven on the race course, you won't find a rear skid that can take more abuse than the Glyde One. CNC precision-machined parts with hardened through-bolts means this will last.


Probably the most unique feature of the TRF Glyde One skid is the adjustability. With two different adjustments, within minutes, you can adjust your skid from soft to stiff, and from wheelie to planted.

The quick-link adjustment can be made in under a minute and allows you to control the transfer (wheelie) function of your sled. It's a quick and easy in-ride adjutment that allows you to meet the snow conditions and terrain. Access more technical terrain and still have the flexibility to have a playful, light sled.

The geometry adjustment is as simple as moving one allen-head bolt to any of the three provided positions. This adjustment controls the suspension ratio, allowing you to adjust from race-firm to plush-comfort.

Unrivaled Trail Performance and Comfort

The gains in trail performance is the first thing you'll notice with this skid. Not only is the ride signifgantly more plush than stock, but you'll immediatly recognize that your snowmobile better responds to steering. You'll arrive at your favorite zone with more energy and ready for an entire session of fun. When you're done for the day,  you'll find that you no longer dread the ride back to the trailer!


The Glyde One Naked is a complete rear skid assembly, except for springs, shocks, and track.

  1. Two (2) CNC machined rails
  2. Two (2) rear bogey wheels
  3. Both sets of upper idler wheels
  4. Set of lower idler wheels
  5. Adjustable quick-link rear torsion rod
  6. One (1) set of reversible scratchers
  7. Mounting hardware
  8. Tuned Exits Suspension 


The Glyde One is focused on providing the best possible ride, using specific built shocks and springs.

All riders will see an improvement in performance from adding one of our upgraded spring packages.

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